Eminent Domain and Inverse Condemnation

Freeland McKinley & McKinley is a premier eminent domain and inverse condemnation law firm in San Diego, California. FMM accepts representation throughout Southern California, including San Diego, Orange, Imperial, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

The firm has a statewide reputation for excellence in handling eminent domain proceedings and inverse condemnation cases, from initial contact by the condemning agency, through relocation, administrative hearings, trial, and appeal, and represents both property owners and condemnors.

Real Property Litigation

Freeland McKinley & McKinley eminent domain practice is complimented by its extensive experience in real property litigation, including issues such as quiet title, adverse possession, prescriptive easements, negative servitudes, boundary disputes, title insurance, real estate broker liability, construction defect litigation, covenants conditions and restrictions, purchase and sale contracts, escrow agreements, loan documents, land use entitlements, zoning, landlord tenant relations, and real estate related business and partnership disputes.

FMM has won favorable jury verdicts, trial court decisions, appellate court, and California Supreme Court decisions for its clients. At the same time, FMM has successfully resolved numerous cases outside the courtroom through alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and/or arbitration. Clients of the firm include banks, developers, farmers, large landowners, small landowners, homeowners associations, brokerage firms, individual real estate brokers, corporations, partnerships, individuals, cities, school districts, and both public and private entities.

Real Property Transactions

Freeland McKinley & McKinley assists clients in all aspects of real estate development, including planning, land acquisition, financing, subdivision, entitlement, development, construction, and sale or lease. Successful projects require proper legal documentation, selection and formation of the appropriate legal entities, and satisfaction of due diligence requirements. FMM assists clients in selecting and coordinating the efforts of such consultants as may be required, and provides legal documentation of general and limited partnership agreements, limited liability company operating agreements, shareholder agreements, purchase and sale contracts, development and construction contracts, escrow instructions, and easements, covenants, and restrictions.